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Sticky Button restore/repair options.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Sticky Buttons are a common occurrence that many luxury and exotic cars. We have seen it in many brands Range Rover, Maserati and Ferrari are notorious for this problem due the materials they use for the rubber buttons. This happens typically over a few years’ time, no matter the amount of use.

If caught in the right amount of time we can save it. When you wait and let this problem prolong without addressing it, that is when we cannot save the lettering. The sooner it has taken care of the better the results. Our team will take all necessary steps to safely restore the buttons without removing the lettering.

In some cases, the rubber is past the point of restoration and the lettering cannot be saved. We have the capability to remove these buttons and have them re-done professionally. New lettering would be added to each button. Sticky no more is the company we use for those who would like to research prices. It is not cheap, but it is done right. In most cases we fix this issue without having to remove the buttons saving the customer thousands and restoring the buttons to like new condition. The two photos show the before and the after results.

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Patrick Ahern
Patrick Ahern
Nov 16, 2023

Who can do this for me? I live in Atlanta

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Check out Reds detailing

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