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Shop Services



  Paint Correction, Xpel paint protection film installs, and Cquartz ceramic coating installs are all shop services. 


 Why don't we perform these services on the road? To ensure quality control on every car, we need to have the same climate every time.  Paint correction compounds and polishes are sensitive to outside weather elements.   Ceramic coating flash time fluctuates with temperature and humidity factors as well.  

Interior Detailing 

- Steam cleaning. 

- Deep interior cleaning removing interior plastic moldings.

- Interior Shampoo removing carpets and seats.

- Ceramic coating for leather and fabric

- Sticky button restoration

- Leather repair

- Window tinting

​Shop Detailing

- Deluxe Detail starting price $110.00

- Paint Correction Starting at $1000.00

- Cquartz SiC starting price $1250.00

- Cquartz Professional starting price $2100.00

- Cquartz Finest Reserve starting price $2600.00

- Wheel coating starting at $250.00 (wheel faces)

- Exterior glass polishing starting at $150

- Cquartz Forte Glass coating $250.00

- Swissvax sealant application starting at $500.00

- Trim Restore $100.00

- Aluminum / Chrome polishing $100hr 

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