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  Lets us start with the most obvious changes going on in the detailing industry today.  Customers are becoming more aware of long-term protection for their vehicle such as ceramic coatings.  This is some what phasing out the use of traditional waxes and sealants that is still relatively popular with the older clientele.  This is a new age ceramic technology that is a rapidly growing market.  Ceramic has only been around for upwards of 10 years now.  Think of ceramic as a permanent wax or sealant.  Our company installs Cquartz nano ceramic coatings. 


  Cquartz is a brand built for those who really take pride in their vehicle and only want the best for their vehicles.   From the consumer grades such as Cquartz TiO2, Cquartz U.K, Cquartz Lite and many others.  All the way to the professional grade products such as Cquartz Professional and Cquartz Finest.  You will not find a better brand who really cares and takes its customer and professional installer reviews more seriously.  It is not something taken lightly.  They constantly evolve the brand to meet the demands of the customers and the installers. 


  Unlike most ceramic coatings.  Cquartz and its Pro installers will not make false claims,  we will not tell you the product is indestructible, we will not have sponsored ads lighting cars on fire, nor will we purposely key or scratch a car to falsely show you the coating wont scratch.  All those examples are misleading to the consumer and false about ceramic coatings that we would never recommend to ANYONE.   Cquartz ceramic coatings are extremely durable to natural weather elements, road grime, tar, and bird bombs.  Extremely glossy with excellent hydrophobic properties that last for years.  There are four different types of Cquartz ceramic coatings for paint which vary in price. 


  What constitutes for the difference in price?  Durability, product cost, warranty length and product application prep are all factors for the price you pay for ceramic.  Something like Cquartz lite that is rated for one year or TiO2 rated for two years, would not cost the same as something like Cquartz Professional or Finest Reserve that last over three years.  Those products also come with two- and three-year warranties.  Those warranties cover any loss of gloss or hydrophobic properties and the installer would replace the coating in the failed spots at no cost to the client within the warranty period.  Also taken into consideration is the prep to get the paint in the condition the customer is looking for.  How many defects are we chasing? How far would you like to go into paint correction before we apply any coating.  Now our prices may be different from others as it should be.  We consider ourselves top tier.  You will be receiving the best and arguably in the industry a top 5 coating in the world.  To compare the prices of our brand with others Is like saying Yard House should be charging the same for their burgers as McDonald's.  That does not make sense, right?  We all pay for quality no matter the service.


Here are the Coatings and their ratings along with the starting price:


Cquartz TiO2: Starting price $1250.00

  • Durability 2 years +

  • Gloss rating 8/10

  • Hydrophobic properties 7/10

  • Protection against bird bombs, weather elements and road grime 7/10

  • 1-year warranty


Cquartz Professional: Starting price $2100.00

  • Durable 3 year +

  • Gloss rating 10/10

  • Hydrophobic properties 10/10

  • Protection against bird bombs, weather elements and road grime 8/10

  • 2-year warranty


Cquartz Finest: Starting price $2600.00

  • Durable 4 years +

  • Gloss rating 10/10

  • Hydrophobic properties 10/10

  • Protection against bird bombs, weather elements and road grime 10/10

  • 3-year warranty

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