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Engine bay detailing

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Has your engine bay ever looked like the one in the image below? Chances are 95% of you have not even looked at the engine bay in years. Dirt tends to build up along with grease and grime.

But we have to solution to making it look like new again. A lot of people are worried about engine bay components, especially electronics. Not to worry we do not spray directly into any of them and now with the newer cars everything is sealed anyway. You would have to drive the car into an extremely deep puddle to flood the engine bay.

Older classics cars with the open carbs and old fuse boxes are a different story. But that is why some processes change with every vehicle. With every engine detail we blow dry all the components afterwards so there is no standing water. Any aluminum or chrome fittings receive a light polish for added pop. the black plastics and hoses are then dressed for that new look finish.

Some may ask, Why detail the engine bay? Our answers are simple. Some like to show off builds at car shows, or they are getting ready to work on it and its too dirty to see a leak. Also, people detail the engine bay when they are getting ready to sell. If you present the vehicle completely clean down to engine bay, you are more likely to get the value that you are looking for in the sale.

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