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A better understanding to Paint Correction.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The questions that are always asked. What is paint correction? Can paint correction actually add gloss to the paint?

Image is what the paint looked like before paint correction
Does your paint look like this?

What is paint correction? To understand what paint correction, your is would need to know what we are looking for in the paint. When examining the paint, I am looking at the condition of the clear. I ask myself many questions when I see defects. These defects could be a multitude of things such as light scratches, deep linear scratches, water spot staining, bird bomb stains etc.

After paint examination we explain to the customer what it is going to take to remove these defects to achieve 90-95% clarity. Paint correction steps are designed to work the paint with a combination of light/heavy compounds or wet sanding. We always try to start with a light compounding and work our way up to more aggressive compounds as needed dependent on how far the client wants to with removing the scratches. Single cutting stage corrections are not meant to remove deep linear rids. You would have to ask for a minimum a twostep correction to chase deeper scratches.

Correction only occurs by applying the right amount of heat to the clear with the right combination of pads, compounds, and pad pressure to remove the scratches and defects. Not all panels require the same polishing technique or tools. Plastic, carbon fiber, forged carbon, fiber glass, aluminum and metal panels all retain and distribute heat differently, effectively making each panel have its own unique way of getting the final correction results.

Many ask the question if correction adds gloss and shine to the vehicle. Simple answer yes correction adds gloss. Reason for this is defects and scratches distort the light in the reflection causing what looks like a haze on the paint. Effectively removing the scratches from the paint surface adds depth to the reflection which makes the vehicle glossier. Many choose to apply Paint Protection film, Cquartz Professional, Cquartz Finest Reserve or Swissvax for further paint protection and added gloss.

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