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Mobile Detailing

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Client benefits are staying home getting more rest, cleaning, working etc. while their car is being cleaned. No waiting in line just to get a mediocre wash that does more damage than good to the paint. Calling us allows you more time to do what needs to be done. Our details are safe on all painted surfaces and surfaces such as leather and Alcantara. Take that into consideration when asking a price from the mobile detailer before you say it too expensive. The local machine wash can cost you a lot more in damages.

Over the years of doing mobile detailing we have come to realize it is not very profitable doing it for the low dollars of $20-$50 per detail. This is due to our style of detailing, taking upwards of 45mins to 1 hr. on a car and paying someone to help. It just did not make sense anymore especially after the cost of not only labor but gas to the client and products used. Starting price is $105 for cars and $135 for larger vehicles.

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