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CQUARTZ Coatings a better understanding…..

Ceramic coatings are a great for all types of vehicles and especially great for a car enthusiast. Someone who takes pride in their ride and can't stop looking at it. Coatings are also beneficial to your average Joe who just maintains the car well to keep their investments nice. Investments? Yes investments, the nicer you keep your car the more money you can get for a trade in or a sale years down the road.

(Click the image for list of CQUARTZ Coatings.)

Bright colored cars like the image above benefit from CQUARTZ ceramic coatings due to the UV inhibitors. This prevents long term paint fade keeping that wet look all the time. Our coatings also protect your black platics like the front spoiler on the Hellcat Redeye . Or the carbon fiber on the Mclaren 600LT. The ceramic coatings are very verseratle and we are able to cover just about every surface.

As we mentioned before ceramic coating will protect against UV. It's a misconception that ceramic will protect your vehicle against rock chips. That is the job of paint protection film. That is the only true protection against rock chips we don't care what any detailer tells you about their ceramic coatings. It's verbiage of someone just trying to get you to buy the big ticket item in the shop.

Before anyone purchases CQUARTZ we are sure to ask the important questions, how is the car maintained, stored, washed etc. This give us the guidelines we need to direct our customers to the right CQUARTZ coating for them. We offer 3 different types of coatings CQUARTZ Sic 2 year, CQUARTZ Professional 3 year and CQUARTZ Finest Reserve 4 year coating. Maintenance is key to getting the full lifetime of the coating. It's important to wash on a regular bases 1-2 weeks between washes and the process of having a foam cannon is very important. Espicially like the 2500 GMC Sierra in the image below.

Foam cannons are best to preserve that ceramic coating shine. They provide a lubricated surface for your mitt/microfiber towel to safely glide along the surface of the vehicle with ease. This is why all CQUARTZ clients either maintains with us or have a foam cannon they purchase themselves.

The right wash soaps are needed to maintain a coating properly. Soaps with waxes and sealant in them can clog a coating and cause it to prematurly fail. When coatings fail or have a clogging issue, the coating is no longer hydrophobic and the gloss tends to fade. This isn't the fault of the coating, the wash process was just incorrect. But we have the right products like Capro's Reset wash soap. It's a neutral PH balanced soap designed to preserve the caoting. It has no fillers, waxes or sealants it's strictly just to wash.

Lastly, we like to think of a ceramic coating as the first line of defense against solvents, road tar, bird bombs, tree sap and much more. Think of ceramic coatings as a sacrificial layer designed to protect your ride from all that we explained in this post. For Rock chips road debris, hail and tree branches you would want paint protection film. We would always recommend coverage for impact areas, bumpers, mirrors, hood and front fenders. But that to us for another blog discussion. Let us know in the comments if this blog was at all helpful. Paint protection Film "Carpro Immortal" will be available at the start of the new year and that's a great topic for another blog post stay tuned.

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