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Ceramic coating for glass

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

What is worse than driving in the rain and not being able to see thru your windshield? Being in a sub-tropical climate we get storms all the time and heavy down pours are not out of the ordinary. This causes many drivers on the road to slam on their breaks cause the water doesn't repel quickly enough for them to clearly see.

What is our solution to this problem? Our premier coatings can be applied to the exterior glass. Making the glass extremely hydrophobic adding clarity to your vision when driving in the rain. Our clients have no need for the wiper blades 90% of the time saving the cost of having to replace the blades every year or every other year. Ceramic coatings last for 2-3 years making it well worth the upfront cost. Best described as Rain X on steroids.

Of course, the application of coating is not as simple as it seems and involves a process. Before any application, the glass needs to be inspected for any water spotting or scratches like the image. The piece of glass on the right side has the water spotting present while the left side is polished. A nice polished surface is a level playing field for the coating to be applied. This gives a coating better longevity.

Some choose to cut corners and not perform any paint correction or polishing prior to coating. What are the results of this? A coating has a better chance to fail prematurely because it’s not applied to a level surface. Another important process for us is the use of IR cure lamps.

The IR cure lamps are used to ensure that our clients receive the car with the coating completely cured. Even though it cured its important the glass has sufficient time out of the elements. Cquartz recommends at minimum 12 hours without water and 24 hours without the use of wiper blades.

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