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Mobile Detailing



   No one has time anymore to clean their own vehicle for 3-4hrs or wait in line for 30 mins at the local car wash only to be disappointed with an "ok" wash.  Due to improper wash techniques and dirty equipment.  Typically do more harm than good to your vehicles paint. 


   We offer a variety of services that allow us to travel to our clients and save you TIME, your car is getting detailed while you are at work our just having a lazy day at home.  All the services are designed to be the safest way to clean the vehicle. 


  Our mobile details are safer on paint and safe on all delicate interiors.  We constantly evolve and develop new ways to preserve the condition of the vehicle in the best way possible.  No soap is spared with heavy layers of foam applied to all exterior surfaces for wash lubrication this helps prevent scratches.   With the combination of soft microfiber wash cloths & our two-bucket dunk system.  Our wash process is the safest way to clean your vehicle.  Blow drying and the use of microfiber drying towels ensures the vehicle is completely dry to the best of our abilities.  Vehicle receives spray sealant for added gloss, UV protection and slick paint.  Interior is vacuumed and wiped down free of dust and door jams are dried.  Glass is cleaned and tires are dressed to impress.  Start prices $120 cars $135 mid size vehicle and $150.00 for large SUV Trucks.

All services listed below are additional cost.

Interior Detailing

- Sand removal starting at $50.00 hr.

- Pet hair removal starting at $50.00 hr.

-  Steam cleaning $75.00

- Leather cleaning /conditioning $75.00

- Shampoo interior starting price $250.00

- Shampoo seats $40.00 per seat

Exterior Detailing

- IronX Paint decontamination 

$180.00 (no sealant 

- Tar & rubber removal starting at $50.00

- Bug removal $25.00

- Paint sealants starting at $250.00

- Engine bay detailing starting at $75.00

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