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  Convenient Detail was founded way back in the late 90's when Mike's father Billy decided to call it quits with the police force and started the business.  It was not a big operation, but it was efficient.  Billy brought in the business and believe it or not Mike's grandmother Mary and Grandfather Glenn managed the teams.  Back then it was a commercial business washing semi-trucks, buses, and rental cars.  It was a machine!  That is where the current owner and operator Mike started and he can tell you, it was messy! 


  But now it is a new era, we have moved on to the public side.  We detail just about anything from luxury cars like everyone's favorite exotics or just your typical daily that people like to have done once a month.  It is no longer just a wash, it is not about quantity, it is about quality.  All our services are designed to be safe for your vehicle, so you get longevity out of that new car feel.


  We offer all forms of paint protection to keep your paint looking like new.  Xpel paint protection film will prevent scratches and rock chips keeping those bumpers safe from highway debris.  Our company is Car Pro US certified to install the most exclusive, glossy, and durable ceramic coating on the market.  Cquartz Professional & Cquartz Finest Reserve cannot be purchased and can only be installed by certified installers.  It took us years to become certified and we are truly blessed to be a part of such a great brand who cares for its installers and its clients.


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