We protection can Ceramic offer?

There are many benefits to ceramic coatings being applied to you vehicle. Many myths that cycle around town on that are very common is rock protection. For those that claim their ceramic coatings can protect the paint from rock chips. That detailer is a red flag be careful. The only protection for rock impacts is paint protection film.

Ceramic coatings offer protection in a different way. Think of ceramic as a sacrificial layer being applied to your vehicle. It offers great UV protection, helping prevent the paint from future fading and cracking. Great for brighter colors that tend to fade early. Red is notorious for turning pink a few years down the road.

When we mention a sacrificial layer, this is designed to be that first line of defense. Not only against the sun as we mentioned. It’s the first line of defense against bird bombs, road tar, acid rain and much more. Insuring we get a longer lifetime out of your clear coat than we would have if you didn’t apply this product. Now is ceramic for everyone? That‘a a topic for another blog. Stay tuned.

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